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March is Workplace Eye Wellness Continued...

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month!

We spend a big portion of our waking hours in our workspace.  Let's optimize our visual performance and eye safety!

Here are some key work lifestyle issues that we often run into:

EYEWEAR PROTECTION: Each year, nearly 25,000 Americans visit the emergency room due to a workplace eye injury. Whether it is an environment with chemical or fluid splashes, flying particles, etc... Protection is always the key!  80% of all eye injuries are preventable!  Our team of doctors and expert opticians can help you choose the appropriate eyewear for your work needs!

Dry Eye Disease (DED) Most of us - at work, at home or on the go experience dry, itchy, sandy/gritty, tired or watery eyes.  DRY EYE DISEASE results in about 30% impairment of workplace performance , work productivity, and non-job-related activities.  You don't have to cover up your dry eyes by using eye drops everyday!  There are new AMAZING treatments out there that will help you feel, look and SEE better by addressing meibomian gland and DED!

Digital Eye Strain(DES) According to the Vision council - 59% of all people report experiencing digital eye strain!  This is eye fatigue that results from looking at digital devices and screens for extended periods of time.  This is not limited to adults, but very often children!  There are solutions... lens materials, lens designs and life style changes that can decrease digital eye strain - and even help you sleep better at night!  Find out from our team!

If you are struggling with dry eyes or eye strain... CALL US today for an evaluation!  Relief is only a visit away!

Thanks for reading!

We are here to care for your Vision for Life!


Dr. Thomas Murphy and Our Entire Eyecare Team

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