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What to expect

If your interest is in contact lenses - whether you are a current wearer or would like to start  it is important to know how to care for the lenses and your eyes.  Let us know that you are wearing contact lenses or would like to be fitted with contact lenses so we can set the appropriate time to perform an evaluation.

Contact Lens Fitting & Measurements

Contact lens size is not a “one size fit all.”  Our doctors carefully measure the front curvature of your eye with an instrument called a Keratometer.  The Keratometer analyzes the light reflections and determines your eyes curve and size for your contact lenses.  


Our doctors also measure your pupil and iris to help determine which type of contact lenses properly fit, feel good, and look best on your eyes.  A tear film evaluation is done to measure the amount of tears your eyes produce in order to determine if your eyes support the comfort and visual clarity of your contact lenses.

Evaluation of the eye surface and contact lens fit

The health of the front of your eye is evaluated using a biomicroscope. This instrument provides a highly magnified view of the front of your eye and the areas around it to evaluate the health of your eyes and detect any changes caused by contact lens.


The biomicroscope is also used evaluate the fit of a trial contact lens, to observe the alignment and movement of the lens as it rests on the surface of your eye.

Follow-up visits

Follow-up visits are required after an initial contact lens fit to ensure the lenses are resting properly on your eyes and provides you with the best comfort and vision.  During this visit the doctor may stain your eye to make sure your contact lenses are not damaging the surface of your eyes.  After confirming that the contact lenses fit properly, are comfortable and provide good visual acuity, our doctors will finalize your contact lens prescription.


It usually takes about two to three visits to complete a routine contact lens fitting.  Thereafter, an annual contact lens exam is scheduled to monitor the health of your eyes.

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