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Dr. Murphy graduated in 1978 from the University of California, Berkeley.  He knew that he wanted to work in private practice where his mission was to deliver the latest technology, the best care and the best products to his patient.  


In 1993, on a shoe string budget, Dr. Murphy bought the Eye Designs Arden and the Eye Designs Sunrise practices.  He changed the level of technology in the practice - replacing old refractors with computerized refracting systems.  His initial staff was composed of his family members - his sisters, nieces, children.  Today he has a staff of over 50 individuals and you will still see his family members among the staff that provides you with care as you come in for your visit.


In 2000, he opened up the Eye Designs at the Roseville Galleria - in his home town!  Eye Designs Optometry now has three office location throughout the greater Sacramento area.


Today, Dr. Murphy along with his wife of  over 10 years, Dr. Heidi Pham Murphy, our team of doctors and staff continue passionately on their mission of providing the highest level of care with the best products in the industry!  


As you come to our office - you will receive personalized care and the best products that are available.  We dedicate ourselves to continual learning about the world of eyecare and the latest technology that maximizes your vision today and for the rest of your life!


We have two eyes to last a lifetime! 


We are here to care for your Vision for Life!

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