Step 1 - Call to make an appointment!

Give us a call to schedule your eye exam. We have appointments available on evenings and weekends to accommodate your schedule!

  • at the Arden Fair Mall - (916) 929-5909

  • at the Westfield Galleria - (916) 772-3937

  • at Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights - (916)726-2020

When you speak to our friendly front desk staff, be prepared to answer the following questions!

  1. Your full name as it appears on your insurance

  2. Your best contact phone number

  3. Your home address

  4. Your email address

  5. Your insurance information including:

    • The company that provides your insurance (VSP, Eyemed, Superior Vision, Medical Eye Services, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.)

    • The primary member on your insurance (yourself, your spouse, parent, etc.)

    • Your insurance ID

    • Feel free to ask our front desk staff about your eligibility and benefits!

Don't worry! If you are missing any information, our receptionists are happy to help you find it!

Step 2 - Checking in for your exam


When you arrive at our office for your exam, you can be prepared to be greeted by our fabulous front desk and optician team. 

Proceed to the front desk to get checked in. 

We use an electronic health system, so your paperwork time will be minimal.

Enjoy our educational videos and slideshows in our waiting area while our optical technician prepares the exam room for you.

Step 3 - Pretesting

Once you are checked in, you will be called by one of our excellent optical technicians to complete your pretests.

Your pretesting will include:

  • Visual fields test - This will test your field of vision and peripherals

  • Color Vision Testing - this helps detect red/green color perception defects

  • Auto-refraction - This test will take a baseline reading of your prescription that the doctor will fine tune

  • Optomap - The optomap is an optional alternative to dilation. The optomap will take a 200 degree image of your retina. Not only does this allow you to forgo your dilation, it will also allow the doctor to have a better view of your overall retinal and macular health. The images captured by the optomap are essential in the early detection of eye diseases. There is an additional $30 fee for this test that is not covered by insurance.

Your optical technician will ask you various questions about your lifestyle, medical history, and visual complaints to ensure the doctor covers all of your needs and concerns during your exam.

Step 4 - Your eye exam

Once you have completed your pretesting,  you will be called back to see the doctor. During your exam your doctor will, of course, take an accurate reading of your prescription and discuss your treatment plans. Depending on the doctor's findings, they will discuss the following treatments and prescriptions:

  • Dry Eyes - If the doctor sees signs of dry eyes, they will discuss your in-office and at-home treatment options

  • Blue Light Protection - If you are frequently working on a computer, tablet, or phone, your doctor will discuss the best ways to protect against harmful blue light

  • Special Testing - If the doctor requires additional testing, or if you are pre-disposed to eye diseases, your doctor will discuss performing additional tests

  • Contact Lenses - If you are interested in being fit for contact lenses, your doctor will explain the fitting process and the proper care of contact lenses

  • Lens materials and treatments - if you’re in need of glasses, your doctor will go over the best lens materials and treatments for your lifestyle and prescription

Step 5 - The best part - Choosing your new glasses!


Once you're finished with your exam, one of our knowledgeable optician team members will guide you through the frame selection process. Each of our opticians are trained at styling you with a frame that will look great and work with your prescription!

  1. Choose a great looking new frame!

  2. Discuss your lens options with the optician

  3. Your glasses will arrive in 2-3 weeks (or get them in as little as 3 days with Eye Designs XPress!)

  4. You will receive a call from our logistics manager letting you know that your new glasses are available for pick up!